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Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm EST
americas one of the most famous apt slavery advocate. famous as a radical ab list in nist. he was perceived to be that way because of a series of features he had given. lincoln on the other hand because he didn't have a national record could convincingly portray himself as the least radical the least antislavery republican. who is up for the race. so they go in and sue ward doesn't just have the advantage of being the dominant republican and being the governor and senator from new york. he also have -- weed is the name. fan fastic name. it's like tom wolf. perfectly portrays hawaii, you know, nature. he's the fine -- mid 19th merge has to offer he has essentially financial resources in the darings when table could involve cash as well as anything else you imagine. that doesn't happen. of course not. enormous advantages. he's been to many conventions. he dominated most. he goes there in fact sue ward was not the republican nominee in 1856 they told him there was no way we were winning. you don't want to be the leader of losing cost. let's wait four years and we'll win. he read the politics r
Dec 30, 2012 12:00pm EST
guns that most european countries including guns is. america is in more violence prone society than any european today is. a lot of that has to do with their history and makeup that mentality. but yes, 30,000 is way too many and 13,000 deaths is way too many that we have to discuss as many weeks as we can to bring it down. i don't think were ever going to eliminate it entirely though. >> host: one of the things you suggest talking about stricter penalties and we've covered both of those. you mentioned licensing and registration. we touched on that briefly, but that is something that does generally get people's attention. >> guest: i would go back to the history and people want to say we've heard he had gun registration. it's just been on a local level. the second amendment and court decisions surrounding it make it clear that the federal government should be the agency that registers guns. in fact, laws congress has passed forbidding it. some states permit registering guns. why is that? it's been a thing. it's part of the hysteria created by the extreme gun rights groups about any gun r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2